Five Questions for Figuring out Which Social Media Platform Is Right for Your Small Business

Which social media platform is right for your small business

  • What type of business do you have?

This is the most important question to consider when choosing your platform. Consider the services you offer or the products you sell. If you are a more visual business such as a photographer, baker, or in the fashion industry then Instagram is important. Another visual platform to consider is Pinterest.

Facebook is a platform that works for professional services such as law offices, writers, and the like as much as it does visual industries.

  • Are you able to condense your thoughts?

If you answered yes to this question, then you may want to choose Twitter. If this is a difficult skill to master because of your business, then skip the little bird. Keep in mind that Twitter is making changes to their limits that may help your business in the future.

  • How do you plan on updating your platforms?

As a small business owner, you often wear many hats on a daily basis. When it comes to social media, do you plan to update the platforms yourself? If so, then limit the number of platforms you join. If you plan to use a program like Hootsuite to ensure updates are made even when you are busy, then join as many as you can.

  • What is your target audience?

In order to answer this question, take a moment to consider your target consumer demographic. If you are geared towards more professionals, then consider LinkedIn and Google+. If you are trying to reach a larger number of consumers than Facebook is an important tool.

  • What is your social media advertising budget?

Marketing is extremely important for growing small businesses. How much can you afford to spend? If it is zero, you can still use many platforms including Facebook and Twitter, however, it will be difficult to stand out. if you plan to pay for ads, check out the platforms that interest you and read their ad pricing details to see if the prices fit your budget.

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