Times change, and so do people’s preferences in terms of how they consume information daily. From how to arrange your backpack for the perfect hike to catching up with the latest GOT episode, people are gradually turning to videos for entertainment as opposed to traditional TV. As a result, brilliant marketers have already found ways of capitalizing on Connected TV advertising to reach and engage potential clients and the general audience. So what is this new trend and how can you grow your business with this form of marketing?

What is CTV Advertising?

This refers to any entertainment gadget that can access the internet and stream videos. The devices essentially merge television with computer technology. They include Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, and gaming consoles. Other than streaming videos, users can also browse the internet for new updates, check on their social media, listen to music, and pretty much any other thing that you do with your computer.

A survey by Adobe Digital Insights on television-viewing patterns indicates that the TV is gradually becoming the internet portal in many living rooms. For instance, according to ADI, 60 percent of Gen Z prefer to use streaming devices as opposed to ‘watching TV.’ Also, connected TV comes with the highest ad completion rates standing at 90 percent.

With connected TV advertisements, you essentially take advantage of all the distinct services offered by the devices to generate high-quality video commercials visible to consumers. It may look like running ads on normal TV, but there are distinct differences in the way the content is delivered, impact to the masses, and benefits to you as an advertiser.

Benefits of CTV Advertising Method

Here are the reasons why you should not get your eyes off this opportunity as an advertiser.

1. The right audience at the appropriate time

Advertising may be a frustrating battle, and you may end up successful or doomed, considering how millennials tend to stray away from traditional marketing strategies. So by offering a controlled viewing experience alongside a wide range of high-quality content to choose from, the impact will be greater than using traditional television.

2. Real-time metrics

By advertising with connected TV, you can assess the effectiveness of the ad campaign by tracking the number of clicks, direct responses, conversations, and views.

3. Responsive audiences

Connected TV users are free to choose whatever content they feel like watching, the way they interact with it, and consume it. Such control would trigger high user-satisfaction levels, leading to a better perception of your ads. Whether it is that ‘ad-blind’ millennial or the enthusiastic Gen Z, a positive attitude towards the ad means that the impact will be different.

4. Ad quality and format

Connected TV transmits highly personalized, targeted, HD-quality advertisements delivered in full screen with stereo sounds. Since you can experiment with different formats such as static, animated, or interactive videos, most of them end up to be quite entertaining. All these attributes boost brand exposure.

Why you Should Target Millennials with the Right Ad Format

Compared to other generations, millennials seem to be a more distracted audience. This is evident in the shift in their viewing patterns where they are the least likely group to change to a different channel during commercials (only two percent). Therefore, it would be appropriate if you use the right formats when advertising to capture their attention.

This generation has the highest potential to purchase a product they saw on TV. On average, 43 percent indicated that they have done this, beating the total percentage of all adults which stands at 40%. Therefore, you can always get the most out of CTV ads if you use formats that generate a positive attitude.

Connected TV advertising remains to be one of the best ways of exposing your products to the relevant audience. If you need digital advertising and technology tips, then Speaking Socially Media is your ideal company. The agency focuses on ensuring every business can access digital marketing opportunities and get the most out of them.