How to bookmark links on Facebook to read them later

There’s a lot going on on your Facebook News Feed, from shared news stories to status updates and videos. Have you ever wanted to save something to read later? But you probably didn’t realize there’s a handy little tool on each post which lets you bookmark content so you can go back and read it later.

Last year, Facebook quietly rolled out a feature allowing users to flag things like links, videos, videos, events and places. Saved content is then housed in a private folder only you can see. This little-known feature is a helpful way to manage your Feed and make sure you’re not missing the things you actually care about.

Case and point: if you’re secretly browsing Facebook during a meeting and don’t have time to watch a video everyone is talking about, you can Save it to your folder and check it out later.

Here’s how to use the feature: tap the chevron arrow in the top right corner of a post, video or event (note: as of now, you can’t save photos) and select Save. To later find that content, visit your Saved folder via the left column in your News Feed (if you’re accessing the site on the web) and via the More tab when on a mobile device. That’s it; it takes two steps.

The feature is, of course, part of Facebook’s ongoing effort to keep users tethered to the site, but it’s a good one. The ability to create your own curated bookmarks list based on what people in your network are sharing is a smart way for Facebook to continue its mission to become a news hub in addition to a place where people share updates and one day, shop.

Facebook confirmed it will be adding the ability to save more content soon, such as posts from friends, groups and Pages.


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