Should I be marketing during COVID-19

As the new coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe and people take to their homes to avoid getting and spreading the contagion, it makes sense that much of the conversation is taking place online. People are using the internet to share information, air their anxieties, and bide time while in quarantine.  With ever-changing news of the Coronavirus pandemic, internet usage is at an all time high. Advertising inventory across our ad exchanges has surged and this provides an opportunity for businesses to stay in front of their consumers at a critical time.

Media companies are experiencing big traffic bumps as people flock to coronavirus coverage.

Up to 15% of daily web traffic is going to content about coronavirus, per traffic analytics firm That increase is led by stories about travel restrictions, social distancing, and #FlattenTheCurve. And last week, coronavirus coverage beat election coverage by 15x.

Consumers are also spending ~30% more time with that content over last year, per Chartbeat.

Now is a great time to get in front

•Streaming/Video: More eyeballs are on streaming and video because of political coverage, bans on attending sporting events, local shutdowns and more Americans staying home.

•Device ID: No one leaves home without their mobile device. Advertisers can show relevant messages to consumers based on their visits as recent as 5 days ago and as far back as 6 months. Then, we can track foot traffic throughout the campaign, and as long as it runs.

•Search: Anyone searching for your product or service is a highly desirable customer. Make sure that your business shows up in front of those interested in buying or visiting today.

•Social: Social media usage is at an all-time high. From local news updates to memes, it’s important to make yourself relevant during this time. Join the conversation. Post often with branded content. Continue to engage with your customers and potential customers.

With access to a real-time ad exchange with insight into buyer ‘intent,’ we can offer smart ways for ANY advertiser to reach someone who is in the market for their product or service. Below are a few we have seen this week.

•Real estate: Interest rates are at a 7-year low. We’ve seen campaigns coming in from banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and realtors.

•Home Improvement: Spring and summer are coming and with many people avoiding travel, they will invest in their nest. Advertising landscapers, remodeling companies and hardware stores will be key.

•Auto Dealerships: Spring is typically high season for automotive. Auto dealers have an opportunity to find ‘auto intenders’ who are ready to buy now with more road trips expected this spring and summer, and lower rates to borrow for those auto loans.

•Retail: More and more retailers are moving to a delivery or drive-up option to pick up everything from groceries to clothing and shoes. Whether a hardware store or high-end boutique, delivery or drive-up is a great option to advertise.

•Healthcare: More doctor offices, clinics and hospitals are using digital ads to get the word out on how patients can interact with their offices, when to call, when to come in and why they should feel safe about visiting if needed.

•Restaurants: Delivery or delivery services are already available for most restaurants. This should be promoted, along with what steps the restaurant might be taking to ensure the safety of its patrons. Once it warms up, do they have a large open patio to promote, or a private room for business or family gatherings? We can target ‘restaurant goers’ and ‘foodies’ for any restaurant.