The Importance of Content Marketing: The King of Your Online Presence

Having a high-quality website for your business isn’t a luxury anymore; it’s a necessity. Your website acts as the center hub of your entire online presence and is often one of the first places potential customers will learn about who you are and what you represent. With that said, the most important aspect of your website and the king of your online kingdom is your content.

Importance of content marketing: Bow to Your King

Drive Your SEO

Your written website content is the key component to your company’s online visibility. A quality written website can add significant value to your SEO, driving more traffic and potential business to your website. The simplest way to understand it is that the more relevant content you add to your website, the more that search engines, such as Google will trust you and look to your website as an authority in your field.

Show Some Personality

Aside from proving to the almighty Google robots that you are trustworthy, your content marketing is the best opportunity you have to show off who you are and what you know. Clients will make an immediate judgement about your business based on your content’s quality, whether they’re aware of it or not. One of the best ways to show off your brand personality and increase your SEO at the same time is with a regularly updated company blog.

Don’t Forget the Queen

Content is the king, but distribution is the queen and she wears the pants. No matter how good your content is, it won’t do anything for you unless people see it. Remember, the content on your website is only one aspect of your company’s online presence. Combining original, quality-produced content with an effective social media campaign is the best way to start reaping the rewards of your company website.

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