These Stats Will Make You Think Twice About Ignoring Content Marketing

Is content marketing really that important? Why isn’t it sufficient to concentrate on traditional advertising, social media, and email marketing? These statistics about the importance of content marketing will make you think twice about ignoring it.

Everyone Does It

You don’t do content marketing? You’re the only one. Ninety percent of organizations, 91 percent of B2B marketers, and 86 percent of B2C marketers use content marketing. In fact, 80 percent of marketers feel that custom content should be the central focus of a marketing campaign.

People Spend Time Reading

People spend lots of time reading online content. Sixty-eight percent of people spend time online reading about brands that interest them. Eighty percent of people appreciate learning about a company by reading online content. Sixty percent of people will be inspired to seek out a product after reading about it. Seventy percent feel closer to a company after reading their content, and 82 percent of people will have more positive feelings about that company.

Better Than Other Marketing Forms

Traditional advertising and email marketing aren’t as effective as content marketing. Ninety-one percent of people unsubscribe from email lists, and 44 percent of people ignore direct marketing mail completely. Eighty-six percent of people skip TV adverts.

It’s Cost Effective

Content marketing is a lot more affordable than setting up a PPC or another advertising campaign. Not only does it cost 62 percent less than traditional advertising, it brings in three times as many leads.

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