Why Social Media is Important For Your Business

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest: If you own a business, chances are you have heard of one or more of these social media giants. According to one recent study, 91% of retail brands are using multiple social media platforms to grow their customer base. Why is this?

Heightened Visibility

In the economy of brand awareness, over 90% of “hyper growth” companies cite social media as their cash crop. Social media platforms allow a business the potential to reach millions of people, due to the sheer volume of users in each network. And if you believe it’s mostly teenagers running the online scene, you should know that almost two-thirds of American adults use social media currently (a figure which only continues to grow).

Emphasis On Transparency

Social media is as personal as the name suggests. “Friends” and “followers” are automatically updated on all content put forth by your company and may respond through likes, mentions, and messages. Transparency is the cornerstone of millennial values; allowing customers to communicate both praise and criticism directly to your company through social media can grow brand loyalty by fomenting positive, empowered relationships.

Creative Branding Opportunities

How do you wish to portray your business to the world? How should it look, feel, or sound to an audience? If it were a person, how would it speak? Where would it hang out, and with whom? The answers to each of these questions reflects your brand. Social media exists for branding; even personal accounts on Facebook or Twitter encourage individuals to craft their own online identity through photo sharing, status updates, or a brief bio. Developing a unique “voice” through the tools provided by one or more social media platforms is an easy way to develop your business’s brand.

Access to the Modern World Of Marketing

With so many users globally, social media is reshaping the classic human interaction experience. Joining the networking communities of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram will keep you current with today’s marketing trends, as well as project a relational, innovative image to your customers.

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