A New Website Might Be Just What Your Small Business Needs!

When’s the last time you updated your website? A year? Five years? Longer? If your current website isn’t generating a lot of new business for you, it might be time for a new website.

Long gone are the days when people used the yellow pages to look up a business. Now, a majority of consumers turn to the internet when searching for a company. If your website feels old and clunky, or has broken links and outdated content, consumers may be turned off and try a different organization.

If you website isn’t optimized for mobile, you may be missing out on a large group of customers that primarily use tablets and smartphones to surf the internet. Allowing your site to appear in mobile format is a simple fix and can appeal to customers who rely on their cell phones to find businesses.

Adding features to your website may also help improve traffic. For example, adding a blog will not only engage customers, it will also allow you to include keywords on your website that can improve your ranking in Google searches. You may also want to include a section that features customer reviews, either directly submitted to your business or from a third-party review website. Including an “About Us” section will also allow the customer to feel connected to your business, making them more likely to engage with you.

A sleek and modern website design can revitalize your company and change the way you do business. Contact us to discuss how we can make a new website work for your small business.