New Customers Are Waiting on Twitter!

  Find customers ready to buy, respond with an incentive, and start growing your business with Eavesdrop.


  Your potential customers are on Twitter and reaching out to them easy. The easy-to-use tool identifies consumers who Tweet their intent towards a product, service, or content related to your business. You can then present potential customers with a targeted, personalized incentive designed to influence their purchase decision.


  If Potential customers are expressing an interest in your products, services or information related to your business. Eavesdrop helps you find those Tweets when and where they’re happening.


   Reply to these tweets in real-time with a discount, promotion or relevant information and your response shows up in the potential customer’s Twitter feed as a natural conversation Responding in real-time gives your customers what they want, when they want it.


Grow Your Business


Reach New Customers
Provide An Incentive
Grow Your Business
When potential customers mention a product or service that pertains to your business, Eavesdrop helps you find those tweets in realtime. Reply to these tweets with a discount, offer, or promotion in realtime and the offer shows up in the users twitter feed as a natural conversation. Eavesdrop connects your business to whats meaningful to potential customers in your neighborhood or even the entirea nation.



  According to Twitter, over 90% of Twitter users say they follow businesses to get discounts and promos. Below are the different incentive types they are looking for.

Save Time & Money

  Eavesdrop finds relevant Tweets so you can engage in real conversations with real people in real-time with information they want when they want it.

Sophisticated Learning

    Each time you reply to a Tweet, Eavesdrop learns and remembers which types of Tweets are most relevant to your business.

Geographic Targeting with Eavesdrop

  Reach relevant consumers with greater precision by targeting local Tweets.

Brand Awareness

   Engage with potential customers, bringing your business to their attention.

Instant Interaction

   Instantly “retweet”, “follow”, “favorite”, and “reply” to potential customers.

Insightful Analytics

   Compare Twitter conversations and customers using a graphical, month-to-month overview and take action based on what you learn with Eavesdrop.

Find New Customers Now

   If your main goal is to find potential consumers on Twitter, then Eavesdrop is the perfect social media management tool for you. How so? Think of it this way: your customers are on Twitter. Eavesdrop makes reaching out to them easy, saving you time and helping you promote, educate, and gain new business. Eavesdrop is a marketing tool that helps you find consumers ready to buy on Twitter by sifting through the noise on Twitter and finding conversations relevant to your product and/or service. Easily respond with a special offer and start growing your business.